Image placeholder iluwatar/java-design-patterns

Design patterns implemented in Java

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Image placeholder elastic/elasticsearch

Free and Open, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

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Image placeholder macrozheng/mall

mall项目是一套电商系统,包括前台商城系统及后台管理系统,基于SpringBoot+MyBatis实现,采用Docker容器化部署。 前台商城系统包含首页门户、商品推荐、商品搜索、商品展示、购物车、订单流程...

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Image placeholder TheAlgorithms/Java

All Algorithms implemented in Java

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Image placeholder ReactiveX/RxJava

RxJava – Reactive Extensions for the JVM – a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM.

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Image placeholder PhilJay/MPAndroidChart

A powerful 🚀 Android chart view / graph view library, supporting line- bar- pie- radar- bubble- and candlestick charts as well as scaling, panning and animations.

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Image placeholder bumptech/glide

An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling

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Image placeholder zxing/zxing

ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library for Java, Android

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Image placeholder netty/netty

Netty project - an event-driven asynchronous network application framework

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Image placeholder ityouknow/spring-boot-examples

about learning Spring Boot via examples. Spring Boot 教程、技术栈示例代码,快速简单上手教程。

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Image placeholder apolloconfig/apollo

Apollo is a reliable configuration management system suitable for microservice configuration management scenarios.

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Image placeholder crossoverJie/JCSprout

👨‍🎓 Java Core Sprout : basic, concurrent, algorithm

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Image placeholder JakeWharton/butterknife

Bind Android views and callbacks to fields and methods.

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Image placeholder alibaba/druid

阿里云计算平台DataWorks( 团队出品,为监控而生的数据库连接池

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Image placeholder proxyee-down-org/proxyee-down


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Image placeholder qiurunze123/miaosha


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Image placeholder alibaba/fastjson

A fast JSON parser/generator for Java.

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Image placeholder lenve/vhr


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Image placeholder SeleniumHQ/selenium

A browser automation framework and ecosystem.

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Image placeholder alibaba/easyexcel


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Image placeholder wuyouzhuguli/SpringAll

循序渐进,学习Spring Boot、Spring Boot & Shiro、Spring Batch、Spring Cloud、Spring Cloud Alibaba、Spring Security & Spring Security OAuth2,博客Spring系列源码:

Last updated 2022-05-25T23:52:35Z

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Image placeholder dromara/hutool

🍬A set of tools that keep Java sweet.

Last updated 2022-05-26T02:45:39Z

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Image placeholder CymChad/BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper

BRVAH:Powerful and flexible RecyclerAdapter

Last updated 2022-05-25T12:34:57Z

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Image placeholder Netflix/Hystrix

Hystrix is a latency and fault tolerance library designed to isolate points of access to remote systems, services and 3rd party libraries, stop cascading failure and enable resilie...

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Image placeholder alibaba/nacos

an easy-to-use dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications.

Last updated 2022-05-26T05:57:23Z

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Image placeholder alibaba/spring-cloud-alibaba

Spring Cloud Alibaba provides a one-stop solution for application development for the distributed solutions of Alibaba middleware.

Last updated 2022-05-26T03:16:02Z

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Image placeholder halo-dev/halo

✍ 一款现代化的开源博客 / CMS 系统。

Last updated 2022-05-26T05:01:28Z

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Image placeholder seata/seata

:fire: Seata is an easy-to-use, high-performance, open source distributed transaction solution.

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Image placeholder apache/kafka

Mirror of Apache Kafka

Last updated 2022-05-26T04:48:31Z

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Image placeholder xuxueli/xxl-job

A distributed task scheduling framework.(分布式任务调度平台XXL-JOB)

Last updated 2022-05-26T05:06:37Z

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